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Red Spot Cardinalfish (Apogon parvulus)

Highly Sought After Around 1 inch Minimum Order of 5
SKU: 06282037590
Manufacturer: Happy Coral, Inc.

The Red Spot Cardinalfish is a highly sought after that will Shoal in your Reef Aquarium.  These fish are best kept in groubs of 5 or more. Because of the size of these fish, these fish can be food for certain Wrasses, Hawkfish, Basslets, and some larger fish. 

Successful Reports of shipping and keeping these fish all have one thing in common, these fish must be conditioned before shipping.  When the Red Spot Cardinalfish is properly conditioned this fish becomes a hardy fish for your reef aquarium.  At Happy Coral Inc. we will condition these fish and quarantine them for a minimum of 2 weeks.  These fish should be fed twice daily in most cases (especially the first few weeks). 

The Apogon Parvulus is reef safe.